It really felt like spring this week! We enjoyed learning about robins, the perfect spring animal. Here’s to longer days and greener forests!

The Nuthatches explored the woods and creek as the leaves burst out and the worms wriggled. 

Note: many thanks again to Emily Rose for some beautiful photos!

On Tuesday, the Nuthatches learned a robin song and everyone helped to sing it at opening circle! Then we reviewed the 3 Respects to set us up for a smooth day. We even noticed a worm in the middle of our circle, and we tried to listen to it like robins do. It was a good test of our listening skills. Then it was time for a wander! Emily led us in a wiggly worm line that made loops and curves as we explored a new path.

On our wander, we came across giant skunk cabbage, a sparkling creek, and a big striped turkey feather! We also happened upon a few camps with some interesting structures. Finally we found a good spot to settle down for lunch. But first—camouflage! The Nuthatches found some great hiding spots. At lunch, we told some really silly knock-knock jokes and just couldn’t stop laughing! Some of the Nuthatches finished lunch early and practiced their climbing and building skills. Then we noticed that Nora had disappeared! But there was a call “All-In!” coming from the hemlocks! The Nuthatches followed it and found Nora hiding by some ramps. We spotted an owl pellet there too! We played one last game of camouflage to close out the day, and Jamie challenged us to hide in places other than behind the trees. The Nuthatches got creative and some of them almost turned invisible under the leaves!

On Thursday, there was rain all day, but that didn’t stop the Nuthatches from having fun! It was Nora’s last day at preschool, and while she went to get some materials, the Nuthatches huddled up for a secret meeting. They decided to make Nora a card to send her off–but they couldn’t tell her! When she came back, everyone was acting so normal she had no idea what was going on. Once they got to camp, Nora set up a throwing stick range, and the Nuthatches had some time to work on the card. They also got to enjoy the bouncy log! When they went up to the field to practice throwing sticks, everybody did a great job taking turns and listening to directions. We had some great throws! Whenever somebody knocked over one of the targets, or “guardians”, they unlocked something special. One of the things they unlocked was a visit from our old friend Cesca! It was great to see her. They also unlocked some silly dances, games, and sneaky claps. 

Before lunch, the Nuthatches noticed that Cesca had disappeared! They found her again by listening for her “All-In” call. Then everybody gathered for lunch, and Jamie told a spooky story about crickets. One of the homeschool groups was playing nearby and doing some strange things like meowing at us…and then they came and stole Cesca away! What an exciting morning. Before it was time to go, the Nuthatches gave their beautiful card to Nora and everybody posed for a photo. Then Jamie led us in a sneaky clap and we headed back to the front field. 

Thanks for being so wonderful to work with, Nuthatches and your families! Nora will miss you a lot and hopefully she’ll see you again around Ithaca!

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