Weeks 4-6 with the Nuthatches!

Weeks 4-6 with the Nuthatches!

Hello Nuthatch Families! Thanks for your patience, and we are excited to fill in the stories you’ve heard from us and your children in the past few weeks with some photos! In weeks 4-6 of preschool, we noticed, harvested, and appreciated the gifts of fall. (One of these gifts was the rain that we’d been missing in the first few weeks!) We also got into our theme of ancestors, an IFP October tradition…

Friends collecting firewood.

Cooking soup over a play fire and prying out a rock with a digging stick!

An inspiration of Elisabeth’s during free play which several Nuthatches got involved in.

On our way to gather goldenrod in the meadow across the creek…

We had no idea how much, if any, we would find… so we were grateful there was enough that we could harvest what we needed and still leave plenty.

Here’s what we did with that goldenrod!

Once the yellow flowers had given us the last pigment of their season, we brought in pokeberries to decorate our hand towels.

…and a couple of songs:

I Thank the Earth

I thank the earth for feeding my body

I thank the sun for warming my bones

I thank the trees for the air that I breathe

And I thank the water for nourishing my soul.


Ancestor Song

I hear the voices of my ancestors calling

They say wake up, wake up

Listen, listen now:

May the rivers all run free

May the mountains go unbroken

May the air be pure, may the trees stand tall

May the earth be shared by all.


Wishing you all light and joy as the days shorten,

Mira & Elisabeth

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