Finishing up end of year projects, creek play, stories and games for the last week of Nuthatches for the spring semester!

On Monday, the Nuthatches joined instructors Rey, Nora M and Nani to begin the final week of forest preschool. The Nuthatches took their time working on their end of year stone drilling projects and were really seeming to get the hang of it! Some of the Nuthatches showed that by helping others in the process. The Nuthatches also worked on building a dam and saw toads, crayfish, algae and a dragonfly!

At the end of the day, Nora M lead the Nuthatches in a closing circle dance and song.

On Tuesday, the Nuthatches joined Jamie, Nani and Rey. For some, Tuesday was their last day. After opening circle, the Nuthatches and the Chickadees practiced their songs and stories for each other, which would later be performed for parents. They all did an awesome job with that! 

Later in the day, the Nuthatches worked some more on touching up their stone-drilled rocks and painting them. At closing circle, the Nuthatches were able to say goodbye to those whose last day it was. And lastly, at pick up, the Nuthatches performed their original story about Moss and Vam Pire for the parents. The story was made up by the Nuthatches and, as far as I know, is the only story in the world that includes 99 million tiny cats.

On Wednesday, the Nuthatches were joined by Jamie, Lyla, Nani and Astrid. Lyla enjoyed getting to know some of the Nuthatches, as she will be the new program coordinator for preschool next year. At opening circle, the Nuthatches talked about it being the last day and the group went out to White Pine camp. The only thing the Nuthatches seemed to want to do on Wednesday was play with each other. We all went out to the field to play in the tall grass, picked wildflowers and Lyla taught the Nuthatches about some new flowers like clover! We found out that the little petals can be sucked on to enjoy the sweet nectar in them.

After slunch, the Nuthatches got to have a little creek play and say good bye to one of their favorite places. There were indeed some sad feelings and the Nuthatches were able to have a small fire in which they put in a stick to symbolized any big feelings or expressions for their last day.

Once back at the pick up location, the Nuthatches gave one final performance of Vam Pire and Moss for the parents. A story that is sure to be told many times into the future.

Thank you parents for yours and your child’s commitment to our forest preschool program. Us instructors truly enjoyed spending time growing and playing alongside them.


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Ithaca Forest Preschool is a nature immersion program for children ages 3-5. Our program is run in cooperation with Primitive Pursuits, a project of Cornell Cooperative Extension.