Ready for an epic scavenger hunt? 

On Tuesday, the Nuthatches went on a quest. 

After making some beautiful snow angels in the field and getting our hearts pumping with Foxtail, we trekked to our camp. To our surprise, there was a gift left for us! On a log nearby by our shelter, there was a mysterious map that looked like it had been through a fire. There was a bag next to it, which held the Peace Superhero stones: Fine Words Fox, Shadowtail, Feel-better Butterfly, Peaceful Porcupine, and Unity Unicorn. 

After some careful deduction, we realized that the Peace Superheroes were sending us on a hunt to find something underneath a white pine tree! But…which one? We all spread out to look for tracks. 

The tracks looked like they’d been made by a raccoon, because they had five fingers! We followed them, snaking in and out of the woods and field. Finally, we saw a white pine tree that matched the one on the map. And under it…two bright orange sleds! 

What a perfect gift from the Peace Superheroes! We ran back across the field with the sleds and practiced taking turns sliding down the hill one by one. We ended the day with some important electrical repairs on the shelter and sharing our gratitude for sledding!

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Ithaca Forest Preschool is a nature immersion program for children ages 3-5. Our program is run in cooperation with Primitive Pursuits, a project of Cornell Cooperative Extension.