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About Us

Our caring and skilled mentors help guide our students towards creating a life-long love of learning and the Earth through encouraging curiosity, asking questions and exploration.

Founding Director

Jed Jordan

Aspiring tracker, devoted farmer and fearless wrangler of details.

Jed has been an Environmental Educator at Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County for over 16 years and co-founded the Primitive Pursuits program along with Tim Drake and Dave Hall. Jed is also an adjunct lecturer at Ithaca College in the Environmental Studies & Sciences Dept. where he has helped develop and teach an Environmental Sentinels course for the last nine years.

Jed lives in Danby NY, with his wife and two youngest children. He and his wife own and operate a small u-pick berry farm, Rogue Creek Farm, where he also raises honeybees and nut trees, among other homesteading activities.

Program Coordinator 

Lyla White

Lyla grew up playing in the woods and exploring nature in rural Nova Scotia. She loved squishing her toes in the fresh mud, picking flowers, exploring in the forest, and trying not to make a sour puss face while eating crab apples and rhubarb. She has kept that love of nature throughout her life. As an adult she has lived in cities, small towns and National Parks. The thing that keeps her rooted and focused in life is keeping that connection to nature alive. She loves to go hiking, camping, and backpacking. She even took her daughter camping for the first time when she was only 10 weeks old.

Lyla has worked in many different jobs, as a freelance photographer, a nanny, a server in National Parks, and most recently as an educator at the Sciencenter. She has also studied herbalism and botany. She loves working in her garden and making tinctures and salves with other people. Getting to combine her curiosity and love of nature along with her love of children is one of her greatest joys.

Lyla lives in Brooktondale with her husband, daughter, and parents. Together they have a big vegetable, flower and medicinal herb garden. They also have a flock of chickens that they share their land with.

Lyla is so excited to be part of the Forest Preschool team and to discover and explore with the children for years to come.

Lead Instructor

Sarah Chaffee

Sarah’s love for the outdoors began at a young age during trips to her family’s dairy farm in Pennsylvania. She spent long summer days with her cousins getting lost in cornfields, catching crawfish and salamanders in a creek, and singing to cows.

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Sarah had to find unique ways to connect to the small amounts of nature around her. In high school, she discovered photography and her love of visual storytelling and used this creative outlet to connect to her natural surroundings.

Sarah found her way to Primitive Pursuits originally as a photojournalist internship. After spending the summer outside and taking pictures (her dream come true), she decided to continue working with Primitive Pursuits and hasn’t looked back since! Sarah learned that while she loves taking photos, she also has a passion for helping children form meaningful connections to nature, just like the ones she made as a child.

Today you can find Sarah in Trillium Camp where she is our Ithaca Forest Preschool lead instructor (although you may still catch her out in the woods occasionally taking pictures). Sarah is so grateful to work within an organization that is as loving and supportive as Primitive Pursuits and Ithaca Forest Preschool and hopes that the children she serves and the instructors she leads find their home and happiness here too.


Lead Instructor

Jamie Eggleston

Jamie grew up in Upstate NY and remembers playing with his dog Max in the creek in his backyard. It was during those times that the seeds for his connection with nature were first nurtured.

After high school, he ignored his desire to work with the environment and, in an attempt to meet society’s expectations, pursued a degree in finance. After graduating college, he traveled and eventually settled in Chicago to work in the business world. Several years later, he attended Standing Rock’s DAPL protest where he experienced a big heart-opening. It was enough to help him realize he was on a path that didn’t resonate with him. With that new realization, Jamie quit his job to move to Colorado and reconnect to himself and nature in a new environment. Being in Colorado helped him find the clarity he needed; to be in service to people and the planet. As the story would have it, he came full circle home to New York to contribute to the communities he grew up around.

Once back in Rochester, he began working as an environmental educator and as a guide at a forest school program. He found that work so fulfilling that he’s continued to explore down that path and hasn’t looked back. He’s grateful to now be a part of Ithaca Forest Preschool and help the next generation of people to find their own sense of belonging and connection with themselves and the land.

Jamie finds enjoyment in helping build community as a men’s work facilitator and youth mentor. He also enjoys practicing archery, outdoor skills, and many DIY projects. 

Assistant Instructor

Eli Lines

As a child, Eli grew up in the African country of Madagascar, so he grew up exploring.

He is as much of an outdoorsy explorer now as he was then, and this is why Primitive Pursuits was immediately so appealing to him. Eli has been involved in Primitive Pursuits since he was a camper and loves to learn and challenge himself. Eli excited take all he has learned over the years with Primitive Pursuits and apply it to Ithaca Forest Preschool.

Assistant Instructor

Nora Murphy

Nora is thrilled to be able to be a wilderness instructor with Ithaca Forest Preschool and Primitive Pursuits! Her first foray into wilderness education was with Primitive Pursuits in the summer of 2019. She found that two things she loves in life clicked, and has been happy to continue learning and working throughout the school year and summer programming.

Nora has always felt the most “Nora” while spending time outside. Exploring the forest and creek near her house, camping with her girl scout troop and family, swimming in the summer, and biking to the lake were important parts of her life growing up. Nora also has a passion for education, which she pursued through studying music education at Ithaca College, teaching music lessons, working in childcare, and teaching kickboxing. She feels very blessed to be able to teach outside with kids, and see the vast range of naturalist skills and knowledge the others in Primitive Pursuits bring.

Assistant Instructor

Ariadne Vazenios 

Ariadne grew up on New York’s countryside, enjoying the company of the many creatures and plants that share her backyard. Notably, she loves spending time with her chickens and cats. Ariadne started her college career majoring in Environmental Studies at Tompkins Cortland Community College and is now studying Environmental & Sustainability at Cornell University. In the future, she hopes to study her more specific interests, which are holistic medicines and reforestation. 


Rey O’Rourke

Rey grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. She is currently working on her Master’s in Environmental and Outdoor Education at SUNY Cortland and she is looking forward to getting to know the natural wonders of upstate New York. In her free time Rey enjoys hiking, playing rugby, foraging, and cultivating her esoteric garden. Rey is thankful for the environmental education and outdoor exploration time she received as a child; and she believes those experiences shaped who she is today. Rey is ecstatic to be a part of the Ithaca Forest Preschool and extend those opportunities to today’s youth.

Counselor In Training

Astrid Braddock

Astrid is a Primitive Pursuits camper-turned-CIT, who began her journey at Primitive Pursuits at the age of the preschoolers themselves! Since then, she has learned and grown up with Primitive Pursuits, and this past summer, she was able to become a CIT for the first time. She loves doing many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and horseback riding, as well as singing and learning new songs. Already, she has made so many wonderful new memories and friends, and learned so much from all of the kids. She is so happy to be passing on her knowledge and experiences to this group of people, and she can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Counselor In Training

Astrid Braddock

Astrid is a Primitive Pursuits camper-turned-CIT, who began her journey at Primitive Pursuits at the age of the preschoolers themselves! Since then, she has learned and grown up with Primitive Pursuits, and this past summer, she was able to become a CIT for the first time. She loves doing many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and horseback riding, as well as singing and learning new songs. Already, she has made so many wonderful new memories and friends, and learned so much from all of the kids. She is so happy to be passing on her knowledge and experiences to this group of people, and she can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!

Counselor In Training

Chloe King

Chloe has been interested in the outdoors since she was very young. She still has vivid memories of sledding down the hill in her neighborhood and running through the woods at her old house in Kentucky. She loves hiking and reading on her hammock outside her house.

Chloe is in eighth grade and goes to Boyton middle school. She has been playing the piano ever since she was little and has always loved music. She also sings and acts in her school plays as well as at Running to Places Theater Company. Chloe has two younger sisters and has been helping out with them since they were born. She loves playing with young kids and came to Forest Preschool after a friend told her how great it was. She is very excited to get to know and learn from all of the children at Forest Preschool and is grateful for the opportunity that has been given to her.


Melissa Blake

In 2013, along with Tim Drake and Jed Jordan, Melissa co-founded Ithaca Forest Preschool.  

Melissa completed a graduate program in Environmental Education at the Teton Science Schools in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and a two-year mentorship with master tracker Jon Young. In 2006 she founded a program called Growing Wild Nature Mentoring in the Catskills. 

Although Melissa has moved on to a new role, she continues to be a frequent collaborator and consultant with Ithaca Forest Preschool.

What Parents are Saying...

“Ithaca Forest Preschool prepared our sons to really appreciate nature, to pay attention to details we may not notice nor know anything about, and to love winter; to this day, they sprint outside to play in the cold!”

R.A., Ithaca Forest Preschool parent

What Parents are Saying...

“Ithaca Forest Preschool is a place where your children will learn lots of things you may not know yourself, which they love to come home and share with you.” 

L.C., Ithaca Forest Preschool parent

What Parents are Saying...

“My daughter is now in 4th grade, and my sons are in 2nd Grade and Kindergarten. I can honestly say that I feel they entered Kindergarten completely prepared and that they had something extra to bring to the classroom, an experience beyond what one would expect of a preschooler because they also brought with them unique life skills and stories from their time in the forest.”

G. K., Ithaca Forest Preschool parent

If you believe that children belong outside, and that the tools of imagination are what build a happy childhood and a strong foundation, then welcome  to our wooded world.

Ithaca forest Preschool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Forest Preschool?

A Forest Preschool is just that, a school in the forest! Forest Preschools are the U.S. version of Forest Kindergartens (Waldkindergarten), which have been popular in Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia for decades. There are a growing number in the U.S. and we are on the cutting-edge of nature-based early childhood education! Learn more about forest preschools at

Will my child be outside the whole time?

We are outside the vast majority of the time; however we do have access to several places to go “in”, including a tipi, a pavilion, and a heated building with bathrooms. Parents learn to dress their children for the weather, and children learn how to stay–or get–warm and dry. Our motto is, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” And remember:

Whether the weather is cold
Or whether the weather is hot
Whether the weather is fair
Or whether the weather is not
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.


Why should I consider an outdoor school?

Our family spends lots of time outside. Why should I pay for this kind of experience?

It’s great that so many children in our area get time outside with their families. Attending a forest preschool has different benefits. For one thing, learning in nature alongside peers and non-parent adults teaches children that this is a normal way to spend time, not limited to their family. Secondly, the social aspect of what we do is so important. The outdoors is an amazing classroom for learning social and emotional skills, where group imaginative play abounds and teamwork is necessary if the group is to thrive. At Ithaca Forest Preschool in particular, we place a lot of emphasis on community and the group. Also, the staff to student ratio is high in order for us to manage risks appropriately; this means there are lots of opportunities for us to coach children in these important social-emotional skills. for more information please refer to the Ithaca Forest Preschool Parent Handbook.

What about winter?

Winter is a wonderful season to explore. We do a lot of snow play and animal tracking, go for walks, build fires, and make warming wild teas. We also do spend some time in our heated building doing indoor tracking activities, crafts, games, songs, and stories. The amount of time we spend indoors depends on the year, but even in the coldest Winters we manage to be outside for part of the morning. The decision of whether to be inside or outside depends on risk management and how best to accomplish our goals of helping children connect to nature, self, and others. The children’s enjoyment of Winter is directly related to how well-dressed and fed they are and how relaxed parents are about the idea of their children spending time out in the cold. Things they learn in Winter include self-care skills, how to dress for Winter play, animal tracking, and beginning to recognize trees in Winter.

What Does My Child Need to Bring?

Children should come dressed appropriately for the weather. We give very detailed information about dressing for the seasons in the Ithaca Forest Preschool Parent Handbook and we also offer a brochure that we created called Dressing Young Children for Outdoor Fun. Additionally, children should come with plenty of water, a healthy lunch and snacks to keep them comfortable for an active day outside.


When Can I Drop Off and Pick Up My Child?

Supervision begins at 9 am and ends promptly at 12:00 pm. In case you have an emergency or will be late to pick up please contact our office at 607-272-2292.


Is public transportation or carpooling available?

4-H Acres is an on-demand TCAT stop, and there is a bus that can arrive right around 9 am. We do not arrange carpooling, but you are welcome to discuss this at drop off or pickup with other participants/parents who may be interested.

Is toilet-training required?

Yes. Children must be out of diapers/pull-ups and needing only minimal assistance with toileting. Children are encouraged to pee outside and to poop in a child potty that is at our base camp. There is also an indoor bathroom a short walk from our base camp. Sometimes we are too far from a potty and need to use the nature bathroom (pee on the ground, poop in a hole) with assistance.

Is food provided?

No. Please supply yourself/your child with plenty of healthy snacks, lunch, and water each day. These are active children, and they get HUNGRY! Protein, fat, and fiber are especially important for providing long-burning energy. Suggestions for what to pack for lunch and snack are available in the Ithaca Forest Preschool Parent Handbook.

Who are the teachers and how are they trained?

The Ithaca Forest Preschool teachers (we call them mentors) are Primitive Pursuits instructors or in some cases highly trained volunteers. You can read staff bios on our staff page. Although staff may rotate days, we all work together as a team.

We require a combination of experience and education in some or all of the following: outdoor education, early childhood education or development, primitive skills, naturalist skills, and “coyote mentoring” as described in the book Coyote’s Guide to Connecting With Nature. All of our instructors and volunteers must go through background checks but we do not require teaching certification. 

Will this prepare my child for kindergarten?

We believe so. According to Ithaca City School District kindergarten teachers, the most important skills for entering kindergarten are social-emotional skills. Self-care skills, listening to others in a group setting, managing conflict while playing with others, making transitions smoothly, and self-regulation skills are all prominent in the forest preschool setting. The outdoor environment and our child-led curriculum provide myriad opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, conflict management, and the development of emotional resilience.

Cognitive scientists say imaginative play with few or no props builds a skill set called “executive function”, which is a better predictor of school success than IQ (from an NPR report titled “Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills”, February 20, 2008). It is well-known that physical activity is essential for healthy brain and nervous system development (see, for example, Teaching With the Brain in Mind by Eric Jensen). Recognizing patterns in nature may translate to recognizing letters and words, and being able to develop a mental picture while listening to stories told orally is an important pre-reading skill. The importance of nature play for academic success is now so clear that author Richard Louv wrote a column in September 2014 titled, “Want Your Kids to Get Into Harvard? Tell ‘Em to Go Outside!”

At Ithaca Forest Preschool, your child will get practice with these specific kindergarten-level skills: listening to and following multi-step directions; taking turns; identifying colors; counting; simple math; working with backpacks, coats, zippers, and boots; tying an overhand (shoelace) knot, feeding him or herself lunch in a distracting environment, and managing her or his stuff.

What Scholarships are Available?

We are committed to making our programs available to as many people as possible. To this end, we generate scholarships via our sliding-scale fees. Any contributions made over the minimum of the sliding scale for all our programs are tax-deductible donations to our scholarship fund. Thus, scholarships are limited to the sum of these funds and are awarded based on equitable distribution.

Recipients will be notified by email and given a timeframe within which to accept or decline the amount awarded and complete payment of the balance.


About Scholarships

  • Trimester: $100 in scholarship for the first day/week, then $50 for each additional day/week (e.g., If you are registered for Mondays & Wednesdays, the maximum amount in scholarship would be $150)
  • Larger scholarships are considered under extenuating circumstances, and on a case by case basis.
  • Scholarship applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before the program start date to ensure consideration. You may apply closer to the start date, but we cannot guarantee a response before the program begins.

How to Apply:

  • Create an Online Account Portal using a computer and Firefox or Chrome (not Safari or Explorer, not on a tablet or smartphone)
  • Sign up for your selected program(s) and pay a deposit (EXCEPT summer camps after May 1, email to arrange deposit payment thru Registrar).
  • If you are applying for a scholarship for more than the maximum amount, please email our office at with information about your circumstances.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

  • In order for any program change or refund request to be considered, it must be made in writing through the registrar, even if you have discussed this with another staff person, such as a field educator.
  • The effective date of all refund requests is the DATE OF THE EMAIL notifying the Registrar of your request.
  • Changes and refunds are NOT guaranteed and only the Registrar can process these changes.
  • All deposits (even “non-refundable deposits”) will be returned if you are unable to participate in a program for lack of a scholarship request being approved.

Please email with your full name, phone number, the participant’s name, the full program name(s), and the program start date(s). 

More on our policies page.

Ithaca forest Preschool

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Ithaca Forest Preschool is a program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County and is run by Primitive Pursuits, a 4-H Program.