Our Fall season has been off to a wonderful start and we are happy to share our first Chickadee recap with you! Following are a few stories and pictures from the Nuthatch flock. Enjoy! 

Dear Nuthatch Families,

We are so grateful to have begun this adventure of learning and growing alongside your children this fall! We want to share this journey with you, so here is a taste of what we’ve been up to, from our nest to yours…

Preschoolers spread out with their lunches after a morning of focused, hands-on activity. 

These first two days at preschool have found the Nuthatches stepping into a beautiful place that is new to many of us — the Ash Grove — and asking how we can make it a home. Part of this has been social; we’ve been learning each other’s names and what brings us joy and gratitude (trees, twirling, family, and dancing – to name a few!)… And then there is the natural space around us: at snack time on Thursday, we asked the preschoolers how they would like to care for and shape our nest. The first projects they got excited about were adding to the basic structure of a lean-to shelter in camp (thanks Jed and Sean for putting this up!) — tying limbs together with goldenrod, making deer fur pillows and other furniture — and working as a family of squirrels to add nuts and leaves to our “fall sensory pit” with the awareness that winter is gradually on its way. Several children began measuring everything they could find in the shelter using bark measuring tapes. A few others began a different building project: fairy homes! 

Children working on furnishing and beautifying the shelter. 

We also learned a new song called “Good Morning Dear Earth.” The lyrics are below so you can sing it too! Maybe your child can teach you the movements to this song. 
Good morning dear Earth, good morning dear sun 
Good morning to the animals and the flowers, everyone 
Good morning to the busy bees and birds in the trees 
Good morning to you and good morning to me 
A Nuthatch with the fairy houses she and others have begun building. 

Upside-down nuthatches (ask your children!),

Elisabeth and Mira


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